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Welcome to Training for Service

For over a century, Training for Service has equipped more than 1 million volunteers with this basic course and certification for Bible teaching. Ideal for those planning to teach Sunday school, serve as church leaders, or facilitate small groups, it is also recommended for anyone who just wants a Bible 101 course.

This site has been designed for anyone leading a Training for Service course. In addition to the contents of this site, the leader will need to purchase a copy of the Training for Service Leader Guide.

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  1. Ray Downen permalink

    C.J. Sharp’s version was wonderful. The farther we get from that version, the less helpful the book is.

    • Thank you for your comments concerning Training for Service. Revisions of valued books are done to keep the book relevant to the next generation and to incorporate information not available before. In the two major revisions since Mr. Sharp, sales have continued to be strong, indicating that the revisions have been well-accepted. Of course, Mr. Sharp’s version was a revision of Mr. Moninger’s original work. We hope that this new revision will be as helpful to most as past revisions have been.

      We want to publish the best books possible, so any specific suggestions or criticisms would be welcome.

      For those who would like Sharp’s revision, it is still available at this and similar sites:

      For those who wish to go back to Moninger’s original, it is has been reprinted and is also available on Amazon.

      • Nina permalink

        Knowing that the C.J. Sharp version is out of print makes me cherish the copy that I have. Aware of the publishing date and some wording reflecting it’s time, this book still has substance that the newer version did not pick up on. I am glad the sales of the revised version are strong and well accepted but those accepting the newer version generally cannot compare versions because the older is out of print and now very expensive on the used book market.

      • jimeich1 permalink

        We are thrilled that your copy of this book is still treasured by you. It is a testimony to the lasting influence of a work that is over a century old and has gone through regular revisions.

        While I too have seen copies of Sharp’s revision on the used book market for outrageous prices ($200+), I seriously doubt many (if any) are sold for that. With a little research and patience, someone seeking a copy of it can usually find one for less than the retail price of our latest revision.

        In addition, the original work is available free of charge in digital form through Google books.

  2. I used C.J. Sharp’s Training for Service back in 1961 in the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe for my school teachers and evangelists. It was just the guide we needed then. I don’t see how you can improve on it.

  3. Love This Training Material

    • jimeich1 permalink

      Thank you for your comments. We pray that those who use it in your organization become better equipped servants of our Lord Jesus!

  4. permalink

    I have 3 versions … All great

  5. Tim Aden permalink

    Wonderful training material, my class is more involved in this than anything I have done. Tim Aden

    • jimeich1 permalink

      I am glad it has been going well, Tim. I look forward to getting a list of graduates from you to post on this site!

      • Ronald permalink

        What resources you use for the Training for service student guide to answer the question for deeper consideration question.

  6. TIM ADEN permalink

    Jim, it just keeps getting better as the days go on.Tim

  7. Bruce Graff permalink

    When will the Student Guide be available? We would like to use this in our church beginning in Sept. and need to know how to plan. Thanks!

    • jimeich1 permalink

      The Student Guides are at the printer and should be in stock in plenty of time for your September start date.

  8. jimeich1 permalink

    Our “For Deeper Consideration” questions are meant to be more open-ended discussion questions with no one right answer. We encourage teachers to refer to their personal libraries and our selected bibliography in the book if they need to do further research.

  9. Janet Howell permalink

    I am sick, sad and sorry that you feel the need to update this book to make it relevant. Change the cover and the font, not the book. I have taught this little book (Orrin Root version) over and over for the past 15 years to women. Without fail the class grows weekly. I run out of books and sometimes reorder 4 times. The women give them to friends as gifts. They feel equipped and capable to open God’s Word and learn because of the framework provided by this course.

    I have noticed that often updating the content and making it more relevant simply means dumbing down the content and making the teaching mushy, wishy-washy and watered down. I pray to God this is not the case.

  10. carol skinner permalink

    Is there a certificate for an instructor who has finished Training for Service with his Sunday School class?

    • jimeich1 permalink

      We do not have a certificate or a certification plan to qualify someone to lead a Training for Service class. This is an idea worthy of further consideration, however. Thank you!

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