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Reproducible worksheets are included for many sessions. These are found on pages 30–39 of Training for Service Leader Guide. These worksheets in a full-page format also may be downloaded below.

Lesson plans that explain how and when to use the worksheets are not included on this site. Refer to pages 4–29 of Training for Service Leader Guide for these lesson plans.

Right click on each link below and choose to “Download Linked File” to download each worksheet.

Download Worksheets

 Lesson  2

Download Worksheets

 Lesson  3

Download Worksheets

 Lesson  4

Download Worksheets

 Lesson  5

Download Worksheets

 Lesson  7

Download Worksheets

 Lesson  9

Download Worksheets

 Lesson 10

Download Worksheets

 Lesson 12

Download Worksheets

 Lesson 16

Download Worksheets

 Lesson 17

Download Worksheets

 Lesson 18

Download Worksheets

 Lesson 20

Download Worksheets

 Lesson 21

Download Worksheets

 Lesson 24

Download Worksheets

 Lesson 26

 Lesson 7 Map

  1. Do you have answer for your work sheets?

    • jimeich1 permalink

      Answers to the worksheets and instructions on how to use them are found in the printed lesson plans for each lesson on pages 4-29 of the Training for Service Leader Guide.

  2. I dont see the answers for the worksheets?…. Help…

    • jimeich1 permalink

      When there are distinct answers for the worksheets, they appear in the printed leader guide. They are not available online.

      In the case of the “Studying Philemon” worksheet, this is an exercise that may have multiple answers for each question. Participants simply need to tell which words of the text they believe believe are key words and defend their choices.

  3. For example worksheet I question #4write the keywords in the text.. Am i thinking too hard?…

  4. Oh that was simple thank you, i guess i was looking to hard into.. The Philemon worksheet, part about keywords…

  5. Jay permalink

    Where are the answers to the “Main Ideas of the Lesson” and “Questions for Deeper Consideration & Discussion” sections?

    • jimeich1 permalink

      No answer key exists for those sections for these reasons:
      1. The “Main Ideas of the Lesson” are easily located in the chapter text itself.
      2. The “Questions for Deeper Consideration and Discussion” have no one correct answer. They are meant to spur thinking and discussion.

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